Dataflow Services

Dataflow Services

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Health (MOH), Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) leverage the DataFlow Group's specialized Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions to screen the credentials of professionals working within Dubai's healthcare sector.


The DHA, MOH, HAAD are led by a mission to ensure access to health services, maintain and enhance the quality of these services, improve the health status of nationals, residents and visitors, as well as oversee a dynamic, efficient and innovative healthcare sector.

As UBS liaises with all the above mentioned departments, it will also provide a competitive service for its partners, same as DATA Flow Group which is in charge of verifying medical professionals' documents on its authenticity. UBS Businessmen Services will support you with the following procedures, related to the scope of Data Flow Group:

  • Submission of approved by DHA file to Data Flow
  • Applying PSV payment
  • Follow up on PSV report
  • Submission of follow up requests to data Flow
  • Extract of PSV report
  • Data Flow additional cases verification
  • Data Flow negative cases clearance
  • Submission of appeal form to Data Flow
  • Follow-up with Data Flow on the appeals
  • Issuance of appeal reports

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