DHA Healthcare Services

DHA Healthcare Services


We, as UBS Businessmen Services, Member of Dubai SME, always expand our services and explore the spheres where our support would be demanded. Today Healthcare Sector in Dubai is growing rapidly, more and more medical facilities are being established in Dubai requiring new professionals to work there. UBS team provides licensing services for different categories of medical facilities, as well as services for licensing of medical professionals who come to practice in Dubai. Usually once it's your first experience to get a license in Dubai you will come across many regulations and rules which will seem to be very complicated, to study it so to start your business in the right way will demand a lot of time. We are dealing with Government Departments in Healthcare sector for several years what makes us to be familiar with their system and regulations, we always keep ourselves updated about any changes in licensing rules, so our consultants will give you the appropriate information about the process and will proceed with the establishment of your facility or professional license in the shortest terms. Today we are tightly dealing with Ministry of Health, Dubai Health Authority, and Federal Authority for Nuclear Radiation, Dubai Hospital which are the main authorities you have to deal with while you opening a medical facility and Dubai Health Authority, Ministry of Health, Data Flow Group, Prometric for obtaining a professional license.

Establishment of a Healthcare Facility

UBS provides the services for establishment of medical facilities in Dubai from A to Z by giving consultation, preparing the requirements and taking approval from all the relevant departments in order to be ready to serve the patients without losing time for licensing procedures. Our package for the health-care facility establishment includes the following:

UBS will take care of:

  1. Choosing and advising on facility's location
  2. Consultation on facility's activity/category according the concept proposed by the client
  3. Consultation on initial facility's requirements
  4. Booking the Trade Name
  5. Preparing the establishment process requirements
  6. Submission of establishment application
  7. Dubai Economic Department and DHA Approvals Service*
  8. Court Documents Preparation & Attestation Services
  9. Signing Assistance/Public Notary
  10. Agreements Compilation
  11. Typing and Translation Services
  12. Providing the sponsor
  13. Opening company's Bank account
  14. Healthcare Facility Management Training for Staff

Once your facility is established & is already operating we will be happy to assist you in the following services you may require:

  1. Healthcare Facility License renewal
    • Renewal application with license updated information
  2. Add Specialty to facility License/Remove Specialty from facility license
    • Compilation of proposal letter
    • Consultation on room labels
    • Submission of the application
    • Approval urgent
  3. Changing facility location
    • Compilation of proposal letter
    • Consultation on layout
    • Submission of the application
    • Initial Approval
    • Inspection request/Inspection exemption
    • Assistance during inspection
    • Final Approval
  4. Changing Medical Director
    • Submission of related application
    • Appointment of a new medical director
  5. Changing Facility Trade Name
    • Submission of related application DHA/DED
    • Issuance of NOC - DHA
    • Typing/Legal translation/Public Notary attestation assistance of Addendum to Memorandum of Association
    • Issuance of payment permit DHA/DED
  6. Transfer facility's ownership/change partner/change service agent
  7. Upgrading facility category
  8. Gap Analysis onsite Inspection
    • Visiting the facility for regulatory compliance assurance
    • Issuance of reg. compliance report




Professionals Licensing Services
Professional License

Dubai UBS offers assistance in obtaining professional license in Dubai and other Emirates on urgent terms. We help you get through the following steps:

  1. Documents Verification & Consultation on the Eligibility Criteria
  2. Submission of the application and approval
  3. Submission of file to Data Flow
  4. Prometric/DHA Oral Exam Appointment
  5. Issuance of Eligibility Letter/Evaluation Certificate
  6. Activation of professional license under the facility

Once you passed the exam & got your DHA Eligibility Letter we will be there for you to further assist you with your license on the following:

  1. Professional License Activation
    • Consultation on requirements
    • Applying for Malpractice Insurance
    • Submission of application to DHA
    • Proceeding application approval
    • Issuance of DHA License Card
  2. Adding/Upgrading Title
    • Consultation on the requirements
    • Submission of application
    • Proceeding application approval
    • Submission of documents to Data Flow/ PSV exemption request
    • Assessment reservation (Prometric/Oral exam)/ Assessment exemption request
    • Issuance of Eligibility Letter
  3. DHA exam re-appointment
    • Submission of application
    • Proceeding application approval
    • PSV exemption request
    • Assessment reservation (Prometric/Oral exam)
    • Issuance of Eligibility Letter
  4. DHA license activation
    • Submission of application
    • Follow-up with DHA for payment approval
  5. Issuance of Malpractice Insurance
    • Proceeding with policy request (according DHA requirements)
    • Issuance of Policy within 1 working day
  6. Data Flow report extract
    • Submission of request to data Flow
    • Issuance of PSV report
  7. DHA License renewal
    • Submission of updated documents with CME certificates
    • Follow-up with DHA for payment approval
  8. Transfer Professional license
    • Submission of related application
    • Follow-up with DHA for payment approval
  9. Issue Eligibility letter after license cancellation
  10. Cancel Professional License from facility account (full-time/part-time)
  11. Issue Good Standing certificate
    • GSC Manager account approval
    • Issuance of GSC urgent
  12. Issue Part-time license
    • Submission of related application
    • Follow-up with DHA for payment approval
  13. Data Flow negative cases clearance
    • Submission of appeal form to Data Flow
    • Follow-up with Data Flow
    • Issuance of appeal report

At UBS, we treat our clients as our partners & as the success of our client's business is a part of our success. We are proud to have taken part in establishment of many healthcare organizations, which have already become well-known & obtained a high profile in Dubai in short terms.

Our aim is to move teams and organizations beyond expectation, from potential to performance.

UBS Team at Same Day Dental Clinic Grand Opening. October, 2016

At the same time we are supporting and dealing with such facilities as:

We hope you find our services of great value to your business needs. For further information on how you obtain them,

Please contact us on:

  • +971 4 294 5550

  • info@dubaiubs.com

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